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Make no mistake, I love my stepdaughter and I’d lay down in traffic for her in a second, but my parenting comes from the head first, then the heart. And when you meet your kid’s new teacher or babysitter, and you have to describe your child, it feels weird and difficult, because how can you even explain your little guy in five days, let alone five minutes?

OK, so those are some reasons that being a stepmom sometimes makes me want to scream and cry and punch things.

But there are also some amazing things about being a stepmom. Half-time Parenting Sharing custody can be a logistical nightmare, but on the nights when we’re kid-free, we can stay up late, sleep in until whenever, make super spicy food for dinner, and go to a late movie without finding or paying for a sitter.

At 5 she’s a human rights activist (tell her that a politician is trying to take away resources from a community and she gets awesomely belligerent and demands to know what you’re going to do about it), has an eerily accurate recall of basically everything she’s ever seen or heard, is a brilliant artist, and is alarmingly cute.

She is also the best and most hard ass teacher I’ve ever had.

Don’t they know you have no idea what you’re supposed to do? You suffered through the sleepless nights and the cryfests because your baby was gorgeous and perfect and you just LOVED looking at her while she nursed or playing peek-a-boo with him.