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But we have scarcely had time to breathe after this lofty flight, till we are carried ten thousand fathoms down to regions of punishment, where we witness the disgrace, and listen to the repentant wailings of one of the greatest Characters which modern times have produced. — You give us, by way of dessert, the Battle of Ballynahinch ! ■ Ineedis per ignes Suppositos cineri doloso.f I must confess, however, that, in general, you have touched upon these topics with a delicate hand, guided, apparently, by a temperate and liberal spirit ; and, if it were possible, that you could lead us to talk of such subjects, without extravagance * We postpone the insertion of some articles intended for the present Number, to make room for this communication, which we have just now received. It appears to me, that each party, almost wholly engrossed in some single, strong, and impetuous passion, demands gratification of a particular kind ; and refuses with disgust, or at least receives with indifference, every thing which is not peppered up to its peculiar taste.

We insert it not only from a principle of strict impartiality, but because the sentiments it expresses concerning the llevolution in 1688, accord moi-e with our own, than those contained in the Dialogue to which it refers. The spirit of Irish politics dwells in the regions of the sublime, careering amid tempests and clouds, and glorying in the war of elements.

William's character is placed in an unfavourable, and in my opinion an unjust light.

The Dialogue, although not withqjut spirit and occasional powers is obscure to a general reader, particularly to us Irishmen.

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