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Community Connections Supported Living Trust was contracted by the Corrections Department to watch him for 24 hours a day, unless he was in the shower, toilet or his bed. The Parole Board had repeatedly refused to free him early from jail after he served three years and nine months for unlawful sexual connection with a girl and for assaulting a Parole Board member.

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Wolfe pleaded guilty in March 2016 to distributing child pornography.

"But he wasn't charged with that, so I won't sentence him with it." Instead, Mark W.

It’s a good toilet spot if you’re ever around to possibly engage in something like that.” “Three weeks ago I w***ed someone understall in the closest cubicles and have twice been w***ing next to another guy w***ing, the last one c*** onto my hand which I had put under.” Some of the posts were from children or aimed at children.

Some were even under the age of consent: “Hey 15 here.” “16 male willing to - pretty much any of the toilets in lakeside or around.” “After jailbait lol tut tut lol.” Rebecca says this was just a small offering of the terrifying posts she found. Hundreds of posts, thousands, one local shopping centre alone.

Three years later, Myers resigned as sheriff amid ethics charges. Soon afterward, he investigated Myers for pornography found on Myers' computer.