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The decision to put the tender award on hold resulted in a lot of debate in October, most notably in the Assembly in late 2016 where you can see a range of written questions on the subject.

The Minister clarified his position on 20 October 2016 in a press release and it worth quoting him at length: "while [York Street Interchange] is a project that could have attracted up to 40% EU funding, there would still be a 60% gap to make up.

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The upgrades to these three roads have served to highlight this as the final missing link in the jigsaw with queues regularly stretching beyond Fortwilliam and Grosvenor Road on a typical working day.

These are the three busiest roads in Northern Ireland (although, contrary to popular impression, the Westlink is actually the busy of the three with the M2 being the busiest).

The big unknown is still money - there is currently a need, a design, a strong will and perhaps a contractor... The outcome of the Assembly election this week will help determine the future direction of Northern Ireland's government, so for now we can only wait.

: With an Assembly election looming, the outgoing DFI Minister released a press release on 24 January about this scheme, (though oddly it doesn't currently appear on the DFI web site).

This document envisaged an extra 400m for roads in the period to 2015.