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The space in the dark hardwood-floored office is sparse for now, with little but fold-up chairs, computers and a very friendly dog.

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No friending from men please (two pokes and you are blocked) New to Babblesex, the girls were laughing about it in the office, and I thou... Illegal Clumber ( I WILL NOT DOM, so please stop asking me to dom) There really isn't much to know about me, I'm brunette, got a decent sized chest, butt that is good for grabbing, I got a thing for giving oral and sometimes t...

I've still got division like a line between two dots. I am bi-curious and looking for company of other females only.

It does not just affect women in same-sex sex relationships -- it affects all women.

LGBTQ WALK: Dance in the face of disaster With some companies you have to prove you’d had sexual intercourse with a man, and have been unable to get pregnant, or the insurance companies won’t provide coverage for artificial insemination for these women, I think that’s demeaning to any women, but especially ones that are in same-sex relationships.

ASBURY PARK - Inside the office space with dark, hardwood floors and rainbow-colored banners hanging in the front glass sit a few fold-up chairs, a desk, a computer and a very friendly dog named Jack.