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Charlie is caught to his womanizing nature and loyalty to the mayor, who asks his help to check up on his flirtatious visiting niece Stephanie.

Carter's plan to flaunt a ridiculously expensive leather coat is crushed when out-staged by the mayor, whose new sports-car however proves doomed.

Still, when it comes to making a purely romantic connection, dating sites seem to offer one clear advantage: You know people are there.

Even amidst the present commonness of the activity, however, the prospect of two people discovering one another and connecting romantically has far from lost its luster. When it comes to our own lives, however, one axiom remains true across the ages: The prospect of finding one’s own soul mate, no matter how remote, is an idea that loses its appeal. With the introduction of the internet, yet a whole new dimension opened up to us.

“Connecting,” as it has since the beginning of mankind, maintains a fascination for us that is unsinkable. The hunt for that one special person – the possibility of true love – it captivates us. The mere possibility of an additional avenue for social and sexual connection was so captivating it instantly captured our imaginations, inspiring popular works of fiction that quickly seized hold of the concept and explored the potential for romance to the max.

Stevel realised that our lives are moving in a new space and relationships are even more complicated. You’re always the perfect gentleman or lady – the dream man or woman who screams marriage material, even though you may not be ready to get married.’ presents a kaleidoscope of thoughtful reflections – of a man, his partners, friends and even strangers, whose experiences of love, loss and longing offer intimate insights for the gentleman who wants to be and do more for his woman.

Based on his own intimate experiences with women, as well as drawing on the experiences of the 800 men and women whom he interviewed, Stevel offers us his understanding of dating in our modern world.‘I realised I could either continue in fear, allowing and living the façade of loving “playerhood” and ignore the pain I felt, or evolve and be the man I knew I was deep within: a good man. It not only helps men to understand their role in relationships, but it also inspires women to be empowered and to expect and demand better from their men.

Lucy Rothschild is a fictional crime writer, who pals around with her other female author friends.


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