Rules dating a single dad

And if those li’l chirpy people are always about him, there are high chances that the mommy is floating somewhere in the background too, right? Of course, there’s a flip side (like with everything else in life) and some of them might give you the feeling like they’re in it for picking a new mom for their kids at the supermarket and have an ingrained tact of wrecking it all – but how’d you know unless you gauge his ways of loving, his approach toward commitment, and his sense of responsibility, right?

Not only would you be with someone who is unlikely to rush into things, is in it for the long haul, has immense patience, can keep his composure, is a parent and therefore, on his way to a heightened degree of selflessness, but you’d also be with someone who knows what it takes to make a relationship work.

Be prepared for any sort of reaction, as the kids may take well to a fun friend (they have parental figures already) but the father might not take well to your responses when he is disciplining them or you may be tagged as an evil stepmom if the kids fail to accommodate you!

Be mentally prepared for any response-swing on the spectrum, and tweak your strategy accordingly.

As such, the relationship dynamic will be a lot more complex and governed by a number of factors that stem from such a situation. Look for the cues for the RIGHT fit If your kids are the same age, do they gel well?

How you share custody, how old your children are, the number of kids, the ex-involvement, and other related elements factor in to piece together if the two of you shall fit in seamlessly as pieces of the same puzzle. If your exes share joint custody with you, are they okay with their kids being with their half-brothers and/or sisters?

He owes his allegiance to his children, FIRST And that’s a good thing.


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