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Having a professional siding contractor that can provide you with the best solution for the smoothest siding install will save you a lot of headaches, time and…

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If you need a little self-esteem boost, a moment listening to these famous people, who may or may not have some of the lowest IQs ever recorded, will make you feel like a freakin' rocket scientist.

Remember folks, think about the IQ of the average person, then remember half are dumber than that.

But it's not just the ladies who make us feel really, really, really ridiculously smart in comparison.

Justin Bieber, Charlie Sheen, Kanye West, and Ryan Lochte have all done their fair amount of things that make us scratch our heads in confusion.

The site reported that the couple split "for a few days" in May, and then on August 1st the Jersey Shore star and DJ deleted all of his social media posts involving O'Day. In the photo below, O'Day is showing off a big ole' rock on her left finger, prompting fans to wonder if Pauly D had popped the question.


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    It can be even a police/army vehicle (they are in every corner of Iran): they will pick you up and even stop a car for you and convince a driver to take you further.

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