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The children stiffen as the “doctor” in the drama advises them how to react if someone tries to touch their private parts, which could lead to child rape or molestation.

The theatre play is arranged by Aitebaar, a non-profit working to create awareness about social issues.

There are 200 children in the class, the room packed to capacity.

They are all here to watch theatre but they are also actors, so to speak, because it an interactive theatre. She points to a chart affixed to the classroom wall and asks the students: “Do you know which parts of your body are called private?

Chitrali says for decades, the Pashtun society has been deprived of awareness and education events due to Afghan Jihad and the war against terrorism in the country – conflicts for which the Khyber Pakhunkhwa province has been a battleground.“We need to create an environment where basic human rights are guaranteed to every citizen, where they are aware of how to react and seek help in case of rights violations,” says Chitrali.