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If the above were to occur, this entire thread would be sorry Rokei57 how silly of him. I get some near my town who ask if they could take me to dinner.i always say no that I have children their age and i am very polite and they go away.i apologize for being vulgar, but men of different ages believe this is a turn-on and flattering and can be RECIPROCATED ( no,it's his CRUSH/puppy love even after 20)AS A WOMANit is the difference between a pet that's loyal or a stray pup humping your one would tolerate the latter-it's embarassing and awkward,worse in public.(analogy)AS A MOTHERmy kids went through a phase when the thought of adults having sex was, eeewww!

just for young creepy if i had sex was with someone young.it's right they OWN their friends.(is also why mothers and daughters should not both act like teens)i am the role-model of womanhood for daughters, and how sons choose their think we are avoid wrecking family ties with sexual competition.

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