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You know, kind of like her disgusting song-promoting fake relationship with DJ Zedd earlier this year.Do you think that Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas are really dating?The radio host also recalled that Tinashe once admitted Jonas is sexy, but he was dating Culpo at the time. ""No, because that sounds like the side chick," Akhtar said. 'The homie.'" Jonas tried to explain himself, saying, "No, no.

Nick and selena are they dating

So, Selena needs a new showmance to keep her in the media until her new album’s October release date.

There is a good chance that Nick and Selena really aren’t dating – and she is just making it seem like they are to create some buzz for her new album.

Akhtar named two possible "contenders" for Jonas' heart, the first being Gomez. And you did say on this show she's a great kisser," the radio host said, to which Jonas admitted, "Yeah." Akhtar said Gomez is "a sweetheart.

I love her." Best of all, she reminded him, "She's a single pringle.""What's the other option? Akhtar said, "You've also been spotted out with her.

It was a big group of people and we all had a great time.