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She struggles to be herself in a world that often labels and patronizes people with disabilities. Zevegtis recalled how he handled it when his subject began opening up about her sexuality.“I was kind of uncomfortable,” he remembered.

We call it 'the cliff.' "In that moment the director said he knew that was the story he needed to document.

So Zevgetis kept filming Smith's quest for independence and connection.

That was probably the worst, because I couldn’t see the faces people made but I could hear the words, and that hurt the most.”Eventually, the partially blind teen found an oasis of compassion and support at Perkins.

Teachers there encouraged Smith and her classmates to learn about themselves through music and literature.

Because not only are we sexual, some of us in our community are into kink.


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    Belonging to the stage first, Look Back in Anger (not to be confused with Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now, 1973) skipped the pond and garnered several Tony nominations in 1958.

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