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He pushed in a few more times, each time rewarded by Gerrard’s stifled moans.

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Now convinced his plan was a good one, Gerry un-did the top button and forcefully yanked the shorts and that brightly coloured underwear halfway down his legs, exposing Gerrard’s arse. But he was tired of the games everyone in LA wanted to play.

He eased Gerrard’s buttocks cheeks apart – and was rewarded with another happy moan.

Any one-night stand had to be hidden even from your friends and anything else had to be about finding the right partner. Luckily there was a medical tent for the event so his friends helped him over and asked if the event doctor could take a look at it.

To begin with the staff didn’t seem to keen to assist but just before his friends were forced to seek help somewhere else, the tour event doctor walked in.“I’ve stepped on some glass,” Gerry said, looking up at the very tall, scruffy blonde-haired doctor.

He had expected them to be perfectly groomed and be-suited.