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But as we move farther out on the continuum — as we did in my last post, discussing heterosexual men’s attraction to transsexual porn — more eyes can be expected to roll ... Here I’d like to start by adding another dimension to my earlier discussion of the curious popularity of “shemale,” “T-girl,”or “ladyboy” porn.Then I’ll move on to other sexual topics that, however unfamiliar (or unsavory) to us, a good number of men find arousing.And the study’s results support the notion that the same part of our nervous system that’s sensitive to threats is also able to engender a sexual reaction.

The authors go on to offer additional biological and anthropological explanations as to why erect penises — particular ones — would so beguile a great number of heterosexual men (not to mention gays and bisexuals).

But it’s probably sufficient to say here, as do Ogas and Gaddam, that there’s abundant evidence pointing to “the penis['s] special power to activate the male sexual brain” (p. And, ironically, there’s just as much evidence to conclude that, for women, this particular part of a male’s anatomy (“Mother [or Mom] I’d love to f**k”) was one of men’s most popular Internet searches.

And although this preference may be a bit disconcerting, it hardly warrants being seen as perverted (as I’ve sought to explain earlier).

Nor does men’s secondary, but substantial, interest in fifty-year-old women (which I’ve also attempted, rationally, to account for).

And what these two neuroscientists have to say about men’s fascination with penises will help us better understand why transsexual porn, featuring all the positive visual cues of the feminine the strange bonus of an erect male organ, can be so intriguing to men generally.