Is josh ramsay still dating amanda

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Quinn Mcgullin is a 25 year old girl, who's life revolves around art and painting.

When she boards a flight to Australia to see her long term boyfriend, something goes terribly wrong.

I quickly sat up, accidentally spraying sand all over Josh's face when I made my quick movement. Josh sat up as well, looking out into the ocean."Well I guess I can't complain about the view." "Agreed. " I heard a voice say from behind a large tropical looking tree.

The young child looked at me with a blank expression, his mouth hung open slightly and his big blue eyes stared at me in curiosity. He look relieved when he saw me, and soon a boy who looked to be no more than 20 came out of the bushes, followed by a teenaged girl."Who are you? "Let's find somewhere on high ground, and if anyone needs medical attention I took all the first aid supplies from the plane that weren't already destroyed." Jack said.

" Said the man."Quinn, I'm guessing you guys came from this horrid plane crash as well? They all nodded."I'm Jack." The man said in a soft voice. "I can't believe I'm stranded here with Josh freaking Ramsay." She squealed. We headed back towards the way Josh cat Dylan and I were before with Jack leading the way.

" Jack asked me suddenly."No, I'm fine thank god." I sighed."Good. Soon Josh and Cat came back, both their faces looked surprised as they noticed the new additions to our group. Josh was the one whom I felt more familiarized with, so staying close to him helped me feel a bit more stable. Josh looked at me with a look that said 'thank you'.

Cat took Dylan out of my arms and hugged him close. Close behind Josh and I was Melissa, following him like a shadow. I was surprised josh hadn't already told Melissa to leave him alone.

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