Does thermoluminescence dating mean eugenia silva dating

In contrast, many Native American groups and African societies conceive of time in cyclical terms, as an endlessly repeating passage of seasons, years, and longer periods of time. Westerners think of time in linear terms, extending back over more than 2.5 million years of human existence.

This web site introduces many techniques by which archeologists establish dates for artifacts and sites.

Relative dating techniques of stratigraphy, seriation and cross dating as well as absolute dating techniques of dendrochronology, Potassium Argon dating, radiocarbon dating and objects of known age are illustrated with videos and interactives.

(4/30/01) for instance, earlier, later, more recent, and so forth.

Each object at an archeological site has a different time relationship with every other object at that site.

Others result from natural phenomena like rain and wind (Orser and Fagan 19).