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But for everything else (including new code using XPath), namespace-aware parsing should be your default.

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However, chances are good that you're not parsing simple literal strings, so read on …

The DOM API is filled with design patterns, especially creational patterns: package consists solely of interfaces), which can let a misbehaved program wreak havoc in a shared environment such as an app-server.

A DTD describes the organization and content of an XML document in a form similar to Backus-Naur notation: a tree structure in which each element specifies the elements that it may contain (potentially none), and the order in which they must appear.

” declaration, which must appear before the first element in the document (but after the prologue! The DOCTYPE may specify an embedded DTD, as in the example below, or it may reference an external DTD, as we'll see later. Error Handler was not set, which is probably not what is desired.

Instead it read from an doesn't match the actual content.