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Dating during divorce could be construed as an example of marital misconduct and possibly even adultery.

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I use the word unfair because far too often every single action you take will be unfairly judged by your spouse or your spouse’s lawyer and may even be presented to the court as evidence that you are not acting in the I use the term microscope because it is not unusual for parents to keep a watchful eye on the other parent in the hope of catching him or her in actions that can be used in court during the child custody proceeding.

While this is not typical for every case, the child custody cases that have a lot of acrimony do result in such unfortunate hyperbole.

However, you may find that common sense is the single most important weapon you have in avoiding relationship mistakes during your divorce that could actually hurt your child custody case.

It is not unusual during a divorce case for the husband or the wife to start dating and even get serious about a new mate.

It is essential to avoid the opportunity for morals to be questioned.


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