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And it's something that nourishes me everyday." Lauren was 12 when she got the lead in a local theatre production of "Annie." "... "And at that point, he just looked really angry and walked over and sort of punched his fist into one of the poles that was holding the tent up," said Hannah. collapsed and people trying to hold it up," Chloe added. It was a big scene." The scene ended when Nathaniel was asked to leave.

she just has a lovely voice and it was just growing stronger and stronger," said Astley. "Yeah, we went to help rebuild after Hurricane Katrina," she replied. And Lauren began dating fellow classmate Nathaniel Fujita. "So people actually had to rush over and -" Smith asked. "He had to be picked up and -- and I think feeling like the world was -- against him at that point," said Astley.

They meet every week they meet to listen and learn how to help classmates recognize the warning signs of an abusive relationship. At the time of the killing, Sullivan says, Nathaniel lapsed into a temporary psychotic episode that prevented him from controlling his actions or comprehending what he was doing.

"He takes her body out of the car and goes about 30 some odd feet into the water and tries to conceal her body in the vegetation in the water. He then gets in his vehicle to drive back towards his home. a witness sees him on King Street, music blaring, shirt off, man on a mission -- deliberate, purposeful, driving home..." When Nathaniel got home, investigators say, he hid the evidence and cleaned up. He has a message for middle and high school students -- especially young men. "We tell them that the white ribbon signifies men - men standing up against violence against women," the former Middlesex County D. and I want them to commit to being an ambassador ... they have to continue to not only to talk the talk but they've gotta walk the walk." The statistics are startling. "I saw Lauren pick up her hands and push them down her side as though she was saying, just stay away from me," Hannah testified. And according to defense attorney Sullivan, something was seriously wrong.

It all took less than an hour and they have a theory why he murdered Lauren. According to the American Psychological Association, one in three teens and young adults is the victim of physical, verbal, emotional, or sexual abuse by a dating partner. Hannah Blahut testified about that graduation party where Nathaniel punched a pole holding up the party tent. "Nathaniel was suffering from a major mental illness," said Sullivan. "Beth was a very concerned parent and she always had been." Remember, Nathaniel's mother, Beth, had persuaded her son to see a psychiatrist. Not just that you're feelin' down, but this was a major depressive episode," said Sullivan.

Investigators would learn in the weeks prior to Lauren's murder, ex-boyfriend Nathaniel's behavior had changed. Nathaniel's mother, Beth, was so worried about her son she took him to see a psychiatrist. Surveillance video shows Lauren going up the mall escalator at a.m. No one knew that she was going that night," Genevieve replied. we wanted to speak with Nathaniel to find out what his communication with her was that evening...." said De Lucia. Investigators then got a search warrant for the Fujita home. tested positive for blood ..." They also discovered additional blood evidence, bungee cords, and in the basement of the Fujita home, a black gym bag. and upon opening that gym bag there was a pair of sneakers, like soaking wet, that had mud in them. It was like an alternate reality," Mattingly replied.

"Well, he had gone from-- a kid who was-- always on the move, always working out ... Even though she had broken up with Nathaniel a few months earlier, friend Genevieve says Lauren still worried about him. "...there's a video surveillance of Lauren leaving the mall on the phone the night she is killed. Lauren and her friends usually knew where everyone was at all times, but her plans to visit Nathaniel that night she kept to herself. Investigators learned from phone records she had sent Nathaniel a text message. Tony De Lucia and Wayland Police detective Jamie Berger drove to Nathaniel's home the next morning. "We started in the garage 'cause there appeared to be some type of stain on the floor of the garage," De Lucia said. We went on to search Nathaniel's bedroom," De Lucia continued. Upon finding all these items, we were going to arrest Nathaniel Fujita," said De Lucia. "When I realize it was Nate that killed her, that the Nate that I was friends with could do that to the girl he loved, to my best friend, it blows my mind," said Chloe.

He remembered that he -- grabbed this -- bungee cord and put it around her neck and began strangling her. He was criminally responsible," Mc Govern continued.