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As you can see it is impossible to get the diamond in the center of the rectangle. Open the drawing toolbar, and click the d..., which opens the grid dialog box. Another way to correctly position the diamond in the true center of the rectangle is by using the Align option.

[As can be seen in the image in the right] The little box with horizontal white lines and a capital A in the corner is the text box. The default background colour is white with a black border. The curve on the bottom of the test tube was too small, so it was adjusted by grabbing the yellow handle and dragging it until the correct curve was produced.

The diagram now makes a pretty convincing test tube.

To finish off, the white curved rectangle was given a very pale blue grey gradient fill to give the appearance of curved glass.

The basic principles are the same in other drawing programs such as Corel Draw or the free and open source Open


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