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All of these emails use Social engineering tricks to persuade you to open the attachments that come with the email.

It might be a simple message saying “look at this picture of me I took last night” that appears to come from a friend.

An email with the subject of Quick Question pretending to attach a resume coming from random senders with a malicious word rtf attachment which is actually a word docx file is another one from the current bot runs which try to download various Trojans and password stealers especially banking Trojans like Dridex or Dyreza and ransomware like cryptolocker or Teslacrypt.

The bad guys choose companies, Government departments and other organisations with subjects that are designed to entice you or alarm you into blindly opening the attachment or clicking the link in the email to see what is happening.

This email attachment contains what appears to be a genuine word doc or Excel XLS spreadsheet with either a macro script or an embedded OLE object that when run will infect you.

A very high proportion are being targeted at small and medium size businesses, with the hope of getting a better response than they do from consumers.

I have heard of loads of these today all coming from random senders at

Update 1 February 2016: I have now received 1 copy directly today sent to an email account associated with a charity that I manage the website for.