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Any kind of fish Miguel d'Amour likes that got away"..... God bless Texas AND wikipedia, "Yes it is" , THE same Ian Robertson (SO scottish) Underwood (prolly english; he can fight agin himself at Stirling Bridge like i do! ) that played on the Mothers' we're only in it for the shekels, which I bought late '69, zappa's satire a Gizmos influence ("amerika first ep sounds like frank zappa recorded in a tin can"; bluidy hell! ok, so he paid his dues, did some "art"; why not make REAL money and do movie soundtracks? cummings, no relation to Burton "it's my pride" cummings! being interested in naval stuff WHILE ON LAND (I HATE water!

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Most are priced up at 'Mint' prices but have plenty of defects - Inspect Carefully.

Also he's reluctant to offer any discounts, even on multiple purchases.

(heard Lil Steven give Greg Prevost/Chesterfield Kings a shoutout once also!

) AWESOME intro, mentioned Kicks, husband Billy Miller (wicked nice guy! ) a wee bit of wiki and Gilmour is from Cambridge, UK, in east anglia, where Ma's Puritan Blodgett ancestors hailed from (I actually googlated a VERY close distance, ironically to Syd Barrett's 'hood and stowmarket-on-hadley, where ye Bloggets 'ad an inn)...also, truth be told, Music to Kill By already recorded, guarding the NSA, Ft.

) AND Norton Records, a true labour of love, that label, BUY STUFF!!!! (Billy Joel; the Hassles, Hour of the Wolf, 87 cents each in 1969, Daw's drug store, Brockport NY! ); ok, so bad enuff the dude has a plaster cast of my size 13 feets (yes! ) then the dude measurin' me feets too big (covered by the Beatles! you look like you're from the islands"....ok, I'm ready for a Highland Chieftain, like Magnus Barelegs per'aps,, i get "you look like David Gilmour; guitarist for Pink Floyd.guys look related..could pass for doubles...he's a good-lookin' guy! Meade, Md., WWDC on a Saturday midnight would play an entire album, man (the Georgetown college station would mention/play me and slickee boys etc.) and i did rather like the guitar on this gilmour '78 solo lp, which i AINT google-ated yet but am SURE it outsold Music to Kill By! so i'm sittin' there readin' The Godfather lissenin' to the Braveheart soundtrack (BOTH thrift scores from jamaica plain goodwill! -Ed) Other 21st century schizoid fact; I could play Ma the Braveheart soundtrack and she'd dig it, but Zappa/Beefheart... addictive personality/"My Obsession" (GREAT Chesterfield Stones song!


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