Chatango for male bisexual

There's some memes, to be sure, but mostly they're imports, smuggled in from b/ by some enterprising Chatango player.

These smugglers quickly become the most popular members of any Chatango room, having the most "internet experience", along with those who own shitty "Originals." Encyclopedia Dramatica plays a role in this game of dominance.

In the private message section is where the true gold is however, because people never fucking expect a real troll to show up.

Simple drama-induction schemes like discussing philosophy, science, religion and whatever controversies are relevant to the particular Chatango room's audience are the recommended route of action.

Messing with the actual Chatango mechanism is pretty straightforward too.

Because usernames stolen from cartoons and video games are totally worth monetary value!!

And to add to this, The owner of the site added a function where you can buy inactive accounts for 20$ USD, because they wanted moar drug money to help dev the site. Roleplaying Is a pandemic around chatango where creatures like "Tentacleprincess" or, "Furrylover69" and even "Fut4de51re" are common type usernames, created purely for the sake of the Sport.

When a troll is discovered, if three Chatango users "flag" the troll, he will be muted for a period of time.