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So it’s a lovely balance we struck.”“There are a lot of things at play.

One of the biggest things is everybody is at a place in their life, where it’s like, “Holy shit, look at our job. ” (laughs) And interestingly, it’s turning out to be one of the heavier records we have ever written together, as far as sonically and riffs and the arrangements. It’s just been really, really fun.”“We’ve written quite a few albums together.

It turns out usually completely differently than you imagine.” Grammy’s interview focuses on his songwriting obsession and how it differs from his visual art.

They followed up with questions on their extended hiatus, other band member’s activities and what it’s like to actually release the music to the world when it’s time.

"I bike most places so people around here think I'm crazy." When he's not on the bike, the board, or the stage, Boyd spends a lot of time working out his core and his back and doing Pilates.


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