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They will cater to itching ears and say what is popular or what the public wants to hear.

Hidden behind these propaganda lies the doctrinal beliefs they will impart once the listener has decided to become part of the cult.

They use God's very own words to inject doubt into the minds of followers by weaving half-truths and ambiguity one after the other taken from the same Bible. This is why all questions are directed to the leader. The idea that their leader is the "sent" and therefore the "only" person qualified to interpret scripture is as unbiblical as it is cultic.

The explanation and interpretation if Scripture is exclusive to the leader of the cult. Questioning the leader's word is like going against God himself. They can try all they want, but Soriano's cult members will have to keep fooling their own minds to deny what this identifier says about their cult. Cults teach that salvation depends upon something other than the Atonement for sins through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

Because of this, there is no guarantee of salvation for the member.


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