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decides he just has to kiss Xandra or he’ll die, so he makes up some rules that really only work in his favor and result in kissing. (Please keep in mind that Liddy is on a show called Dating Naked, pole-danced the night before, and has told two to four different people the contents of her soul and heart: This makes me think she doesn’t really understand what that saying means.) They get to pour oil all over each other and take part in a beach slip and slide. I bet Steve and Liddy are still getting the sand out of their various cracks and orifices. All Liddy has to do is say “there’s a girl here with giant fake boobs” and Steve too falls prey to magic, foaming at the mouth just thinking about “those cannons.” The spell also reveals that Steve is a real jerk, which VH1 emphasizes through a series of jump cuts of Liddy earnestly, to a confessional of sorts, discussing how evil he is. actually have a good conversation about interracial dating He says very honestly, “I’m more attracted to white girls” and her response is brilliant — basically gesturing to herself and saying, you’re an idiot, look at allll this. This show is either breaking down barriers or helping white men fulfill their black girl fetish fantasies. Steve was once in an “athletic, party animal frat,” is the owner of a big blur, not a tiny blur, and has a bulletproof life motto “Think positively, test negatively.” She admits that Steve isn’t her type, but thanks to that old tit magic, she finally feels like her guard is down. realizes he is a doofus and should just date Liddy.

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    NOT-SO-SMOOTH OPERATOR The scenario: “I recently received a message that said, ‘Damn you’re a pretty white girl, you into muscular black men?